Vitamins their common names sources and deficiency diseases

VitaminsCommon NameSourceDeficiency diseaseSymptomsFunctions
B1ThiamineWheat, Gram, Peanuts,
Yeast, Beans
Beri-beri / Polyneuritis /
Cardio vascular atrophy
Loss of appetite, Fatigue,
Muscle Atrophy, Paralysis,
Form coenzymes in carbohydrate metabolism
and helps in pentose metabolism
B2Riboflavin or Vitamin G
or Yellow Enzyme
Yeast, Liver, Milk, Cheese,
Leafy Vegetables and
Intestinal Bacteria
Cheilosis, Glossitis, KeratitisEye inflammation and Lip soresPart of co-enzymes (FMN and FAD) in ETC
B3Niacin / Vitamin 4-D / PP-FactorYeast, Gram, Peanuts and MeatPellagra, Diarrhoea,  Dermatitis,
Dementia,  Death (4-D Syndrome)
Scaly skin, Dehydration, Loss of MemoryPart of coenzymes NAD and NADP that acts as
hydrogen acceptors and donors for functioning
of gastro-intestinal tract and Nervous System
B5Pantothenic Acid / Yeast FactorsYeast, Peas, Liver, Maximum in
Wheat and Honey
Burning feet syndromeAbnormal adrenal functioning,
Nerve degeneration
Part of coenzyme A in cell respiration,
required for nerves formation,  formation
actylcholine, for normal adrenal gland
B6PyridoxineMeat, Milk, Wheat, Liver, BananaNausea and VomitingSkin lesions, CNS disorders and
Part of coenzyme pyridoxal phosphate required
in formation of amino acids and glycogen synthesis
B9Folic acid / Folacin / Vitamin – MLiver, Green Vegetables,  Banana and
Macrocytic anaemiaImpairment of antibody synthesis and
stunted growth, Ulceration in mouth
Part of coenzymes in nucleic acid
(Purine and pyrimidine) synthesis and protein
synthesis,  Erythropoiesis, Cell division in
bone marrow
B12Cyano – CobalamineLiver and EggsPernicious anaemia (Megalo blastic anaemia)Large and immature RBC nucleated
RBC’s without hemoglobin
Coenzymes for nucleic acid synthesis
CAscorbic acidAmla, Citrus fruits, TomatoesScurvy, Anaemia, Joint painBleeding Gums  Loose Teeth,
Anaemia and painful swollen joints
Play an important role in collagen formation,
functioning of adrenal gland, antioxidant,
Erythropoiesis, absorption of calcium and iron
DCalciferolFish oil, Liver, Egg Yolk, MilkRickets in children and
Osteomalacia in adults
Weak and Soft bones,distorted
skeleton and poor muscular
Facilitates Calcium and Phosphorus
absorption by intestine
ETocopherol / Antisterility / Beauty VitaminLeafy Vegetables, Cereals and
Vegetable oils
Macrocytic Anaemia,
Muscular dystrophy
Destruction of RBCAntioxidant and plays an important role in
ETS, Selenium metabolism, formation DNA,
ARetinolYellow Vegetables and Green Vegetables, Fruits,
Milk and Butter
Night blindness
(Nyctalopia), Xeropthalmia,
Keratinisation of skin,
respiratory and urinogenital tract
Prevent keratinization of epithelia
KMenadione / PhylloquinoneLeafy Vegetables, Soyabean oil and
Intestinal Bacteria
Severe bleedingSlow or delayed blood clottingSynthesis of prothrombin for normal blood
clotting, Present in intestinal bacteria
HBiotin / Vitamin-B7 / AntiavidinVegetables and Fresh Fruits, Liver, Milk,
DermatitisScaly skin, Muscle pain and weaknessCoenzyme in fatty acid synthesis and
change of pyruvate into OAA (Oxaloactic acid)


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